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20 years of focus on process equipment

Nanjing Junye Process Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, the founders of the company are the first batch of Chinese domestic practitioners engaged in the design and manufacture of ASME pressure vessels, with many years of experience in operating foreign projects, and the company has long focused on the design technology, manufacturing technology and continuous improvement of quality enhancement of unitized process equipment, thus becoming a global high-quality supplier of many well-known foreign companies. Through more than ten years of development, the company has formed core technologies in heat transfer equipment and rotary equipment, and has obtained many patents and been applied in many fields.

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Nanjing Junye Process Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive services such as professional design and product supply of process equipment with the main direction of saving energy and protecting the ...

We provide professional services for high quality heat exchanger and membrane lowering equipment through our core technology and perfect process, including: thermal performance calculation and calibration, strength ...

Providing integrated solutions for heat transfer technology and rotary equipment for global process equipment buyers in China Providing marketing and sales services for small and medium-sized process equipment ...

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